Elves and Fairies 

A big thank you to all children and parents for joining in with our ‘Elves and Fairy’ day.

Wow what a fun day. Lots of children made wands out of straw and various materials and some children even wrote letters to the fairies. Many children wanted to say ‘Thank you’ and ask the fairies questions. The children then made they letters into scrolls and laid them by the fairies doors in Foundation. 

Come and have a look at our fairies door when you come into Foundation. 

We really like your effort and creativity in your costume. 

Mr. Riley


Happy Ramadan

Wow today a boy in the willows and his mum shared something fantastic about what they were doing during Ramadan. 

As a family they decorated a tissue box and was using it to collect money for the poor. This boy proudly told his class the reasons behind why he and his family were collecting money for the poor. 

Thank you and a big Happy Ramadan to all the families celebrating it. 

Please share bring any work or anything related to celebrations in to Foundation. We love to see.

Mr. Riley

Amazing Africa Amazing Willows

Today we continue learning all about Africa. We found out that over 1,000 different languages are spoken in African. This made us wonder how many languages are spoken in the Willows class? There are 11 different languages spoken by the Willow children some of which include Arabic, Roma, Urdu and Czech.

What language do you speak at home?

African art

This week we have been celebrating diversity week. At the start of the week Footprints theatre came and shared the story of Anansi the spider. The story came from the Caribbean. In our Literacy lesson we listen to another Anansi the spider story but this story came from Africa. All week we have been looking at different things from the Carribean and Africa. Today we made some African spiders. What do you think of our art?

Caroline Buckle 

Today we had a very special guest Caroline Buckle.

Thank you for helping and inspiring our children through fantastic Physical activities. 

Remember what Caroline says ‘I Can’ In Foundation ‘We Can’

Mr. Riley 

Diversity week

Welcome back Willows our first week of learning will be all about the story Anansi the spider. The story generates from the Caribbean and Africa. Footprint theatre came into school and acted the strip out for us. We have made some African rain sticks. What do you think?


Have a great holiday everyone from all the staff in Foundation. 

Hope you all rest and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Mr. Riley