We had a visit from the Wonderdome on Monday. It was very exciting, we went inide and saw all the pictures of the stars and planets on the dome. It showed us how the planets orbit the sun. We also learnt about astronauts and the Mars Rover.


Alan Macdonald visit

Today we have been lucky enough to be visited by the author Alan Macdonald. He read us his stories Dirty Bertie and The Prince of Pants. We them designed our own special pants in class.

Our Solar System

We started looking at the different planets in our solar system and learning their names. We went outside to show the order they went in and to show how they orbit the Sun.


What a great start to our space topic. We had an emergency phone call from Shayne in the forest area, he needed our help to investigate something. Some sort of space craft had crash landed! We saw lots of broken pieces of metal and part of a spaceship that was smoking. We even found some alien slime on parts of the crash site. PC Rich then came to get some information from us about what we saw so he could investigate it further. 

The Great Fire of London in the forest

We took our houses into the forest area to see how the Fire would have spread in London in 1666. We put the houses next to each other like they would have been and the fire quickly spread to each house. We pushed a house out of the way and this stopped the fire because it could not spread to the next house.